Course Content

*estimated time to complete whole course (6 months evening class after work)

200 hodín

Course Completion

materials divided into chapters in Git repositories
working on assignments
cooperation with a mentor

70 hodín

Certification CKA

access to preparation materials focused on certification
guidance of a mentor while preparing for certification - texting with mentor

70 hodín

Certification AWS CSAA

access to preparation materials focused on certification
guidance of a mentor while preparing for certification - texting with mentor

What will we teach you?


"Version control is a system that allows a developer to track changes made to the code over a specific period. Git is a popular version control system that tracks changes in files and enables collaboration among multiple developers on a single project."


"Linux and Unix are widely used in DevOps and infrastructure due to their stability, security, and flexibility. Linux and Unix operating systems (OS) are renowned for their stable operation without the need for frequent reboots. This makes them an ideal choice for critical systems that require reliability and stability."


"Containerization is a technology that allows packaging applications and their components into standalone units called containers. These containers can be run on any device equipped with the necessary software, such as Docker, regardless of the operating system or infrastructure."


"Kubernetes is a capable and flexible container orchestration system that simplifies the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. When setting up a Kubernetes cluster, there are two options: managed and self-managed."


"Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes, enabling the installation and management of applications on Kubernetes clusters. Helm utilizes a format called a 'chart,' which is essentially a collection of Kubernetes resources (such as pods and services) that are interconnected and can be installed, updated, or uninstalled as a whole."


"In Cloud Computing, the cloud service provider is responsible for both hardware and service delivery. It provides the software and platform where we can rent a service, and its cost depends on usage. We primarily use AWS as a cloud provider."


"Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool. Users define and configure data center infrastructure using a declarative configuration language known as JSON. Terraform generates a plan outlining what needs to be achieved and then executes it to create the desired infrastructure."


"Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) automate the process of building, testing, and deploying changes in code. It allows developers to regularly integrate changes in code and deploy them to production quickly and with minimal risk."


"In a vide sense, a database is any logical and relevant grouping of information. In the context of websites and applications, databases are computer programs capable of interacting with informations and data stored in databases."
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content overview of each chapter

Important informations about Course

  • Each chapter becomes accessible upon completing theaprevious one; you don't need to wait for mentor review and can proceed to the next chapter.
  • The entire course with certifications can be completed in 6 months alongside work.
  • In each chapter, you'll find elaborated theory, links to videos and supplementary materials, and thematic tasks where you can apply your acquired knowledge.
  • These tasks are reviewed by the mentor, with functionality being the main criterion, along with a certain code quality.
  • No commitments; you can conclude the course at any time.
  • The rewards we mention in the market apply to graduates who complete the entire course along with certifications.

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