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When I was working at McDonald's while studying, the opportunity to gain experience and practical knowledge in DevOps was a life-changing chance for me. Michal didn't expect experience from me; he was looking for a willingness to learn. He introduced me to the program, tasks, and projects I would be working on. He is not just a great mentor, but what enriched me the most was his individual approach and sharing of his experiences. These are benefits you won't get in any course. In terms of technologies, it was primarily about Kubernetes, Terraform, and overall cloud solutions. We didn't pursue this direction in school, but I knew that there was a significant demand for DevOps in the current job market. Through Michal's mentoring, I gained a head start over other professionals in the industry, beautiful financial rewards, and a career upon completing the program. It's a self-study journey combined with mentor support, where you apply everything in real-time on a real project. The moment I joined this program helped kickstart my career. It was a unique opportunity.

DevOps Consultant



"After completing the academy, he became one of its co-creators and mentors. He has been involved in numerous projects, and now he is expanding his engineering skills to become consultant for our clients. He aims to follow in Michal's footsteps and advance to the role of a DevOps Architect, for which he is pursuing the goal to become architect with AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification."

cloud inžinier cloud engineer



"As academy graduate, he manage and oversee the comprehensive IEE infrastructure, leading our team during its implementation phase. Currently, he plays a vital role as a DevOps specialist at IEE. He is in charge of managing activities that secure zero-downtown production environment . His primary focus lies in Azure, and he is actively preparing for relevant certifications to further enhance his expertise."

cloud inžinier cloud engineer



cloud inžinier cloud engineer



"She graduated in robotics and cybernetics. After completing the academy, she worked on several our projects and currently works as a DevOps Engineer for RPC, overseeing and maintaining their robust infrastructure."

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"Balázs is genuinely happy to have opportunity to be participant in our DevOps Academy, where he learned to work with technologies such as Docker, K8s, and Terraform. As a DevOps Engineer contractor at Aspecta, he deploys infrastructure for leading cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud."

cloud inžinier cloud engineer



"Erik combines his prior experience as software developer with DevOps and the cloud knowledge. Being highly skilled, he seamlessly navigates through various requirements of work, using both development and a DevOps engineering skills. With the luxury of choosing from numerous projects, he occasionally finds it challenging to make a decision due to the abundance of opportunities."

cloud inžinier cloud engineer



"Stano originally started as a backend developer but decided to change the course into DevOps and Cloud area. He completed our academy and obtained the necessary certifications, that transformed him into an individual with a career focused on success. Currently, he is actively engaged in various projects building on experience from both backend development and DevOps responsibilities."

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